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Hikayat Baladi is a Paris-based association founded in 2019 by students at Sciences Po Paris. The association  aims to provide an informative and dynamic platform for storytelling by various profiles from respective countries in the South West Asian and North African (SWANA- MENA region) or those who have tangible connections to the diverse region. We strongly believe in the power of storytelling and the knowledge, influence, connections it cultivates. Storytelling takes multiple shapes and forms - art, literature, photography, poetry, lyrics, and more - all of which are welcomed to our platform. Hikayat Baladi is committed to function as a platform whereby all contributors are welcomed to narrate their own stories.


Hikayat Baladi’s emphasis on supporting storytelling necessitates respectful cooperation with contributors. The association operates through a broad range of activities, with the intent of stimulating constructive dialogues with our audiences.


These activities take shape through:


  • Workshops.

  • Interactive events with NGOs, associations, and initiatives of relevant purposes to Hikayat Baladi’s objectives.

  • Contributions of speakers.

  • Literary salons.

  • Collaborative performances and exhibitions.

  • Frequently shared content on our social media platforms.

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