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Fragile- Series

Responding to the conflict in Gaza, the works from his “Fragile” series employ empty blister sheets from various medications. Superimposed with images of buildings and open windows, the sheets themselves take on a sculptural quality and exhibit deeply rooted pain and anxiety in war-torn urban centers.  Palestine has been in a military quarantine state for decades, and due to the pandemic has been largely ignored on the global stage.  For Al Haj, this intense isolation has created a need to escape reality by creating alternate worlds through found materials. In these images, he explores the use of easily accessible medication to sedate those experiencing constant distress, and implies the need for intentional mental and physical healing on a global scale.    

Supported by: A.M. Qattan Foundation and not for sale


Al Haj received a BA in Journalism and Media from Al-Aqsa University (2012) and has been a visual arts teacher at the Palestine Red Crescent Society since 2017.  In 2019, he collaborated with artist Suzanne Groothuis on a land art workshop titled “Intimate Terrains” for the Palestine Museum. He has exhibited widely in Palestine and Europe, including recent participation in Within the Vacuum at Shababek for Contemporary Art, Palestine (2019), Contemplative Contrasts at the A.M. Qattan Foundation, Palestine (2019) and Orient 2.0 at Pulchri Studio Den Hague, Netherlands (2017).

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