Introducing  Head of Poles 

Tania Abou Ltaif 
Founder - Head of Media and Advertising Pole

Tania is Lebanese-Venezuelan-Panamanian. She is a Master student in International Security at Sciences Po Paris, focusing on the security of women and migrants. Tania has always believed in the power of communication, especially among individuals from diverse backgrounds to generate global awareness. Through Hikayat Baladi, she aims to share counter-narratives about the SWANA and stimulate dialogue on the region.

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Co-Founder - Head of Communication Pole
Nabila Raih-Butt

Nabila is a Norwegian-Moroccan-Pakistani Masters student at Sciences Po Paris. She is passionate about the experiences and stories of women in the SWANA-region, as well as the region’s various art platforms. Alongside the communications team, she hopes to invite and share diverse stories to Hikayat Baladi’s platform.

Co-Founder - Head of Research Team
 Ines Belhadj

Inès is a Tunisian Masters student in International Security. She joined Hikayat Baladi because she believes in the importance of storytelling. She wants to help raise awareness of the cultural effervescence in the SWANA despite the instability these countries face.

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