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From The Diaspora to Their Homeland


"I got in contact with people within the Palestinian diaspora. I made them write down their wishes in their handwriting as a method of realizing their desires and expressing them through the lost communication form of postcards. To make the world see our longing and desire to return to our homeland. I, myself, a Palestinian, have never been to my homeland, and it to this day remains inaccessible to me. 

“What is something you would do in Palestine, if you could?”


ما هو الشيء الذي كنت ستفعله في فلسطين لو استطعت؟

Postcards are used as a means to keep in touch with people, especially loved ones back home. It's used as a source of communication between people that are Palestinians.  Postcards can represent a country and therefore I am using that aspect to show and emphasize the diversity of Palestinians that are in the diaspora. The postcards are collective, in the sense that people can keep adding to them as they go. Each Palestinian would express a part of their Palestinian identity and fortify it by sharing it with other people. Each postcard has a “wish” of a Palestinian in diaspora/exile. I am doing this to show the multiplicity of the Palestinian identity.


 I’m reaching out to all people Palestinians to present this shared form of art and communication.

Our wishes will become our reality and the universe will see it through. I want all our wishes to be realized. I want to amplify the Palestinian voices that have a right to be there but cannot be. I want to highlight the right to return for all the people that should be there. Please feel free to send me your own note or even your own postcard. Let’s keep collecting them and sharing them with each other."

- Hala Al Taher

*this is an ongoing project, an in-progress project*